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       128. Giant enhancement in coercivity of ferromagnetic α-Fe2O3 nanosheet grown on MoS2

                A. Debnath, S. Bhattacharya, T. K. Mondal, H. Tada, S. K. Saha 

                Journal of Applied Physics (Just accepted)

        127. MOF Functionalized with CdTe Quantum Dots as an Efficient White Light Emitting  Phosphor Material for                                  Applications in Displays

               T. Mondal, D. Haldar, A. Ghosh, U. K. Ghorai, S. K. Saha.

                New J. Chem., 2020, 44, 55-63

       126. Photoluminescence and Photo-induced conductivity in 2D Siloxene Nanosheet for optoelectronic applications.

               S. Mondal, T. K. Mondal, Y. K. Su, S. K. Saha.  

               J. Colloid Interface Sci.  (2019),

       125. Facile approach to synthesize nitrogen and oxygen rich carbon quantum dots for pH sensor, fluorescent indicator                     and invisible ink applications

               T. K. Mondal, S. K. Saha. 

               ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2019, 7, 19669-19678

      124. White light emitting lanthanide based carbon quantum dots as toxic Cr (VI) and pH sensor   

              T. K. Mondal, S. Mondal, U. K. Ghorai, S. K. Saha. 

             J. Colloid Interface Sci.  2019, 553, 177–185

      123. Ultra-small amorphous MoS2 decorated reduced graphene oxide for supercapacitor application

              P. Hota, M. Miah, S. Bose, D. Dinda, U. K. Ghorai, Y. K. Su, S. K. Saha.

              J. Mater. Sci. Technol. (2019),

      122. Fe-intercalated few layers reduced graphene oxide: A unique material for supercapacitor applications.

              M. Miah, T. K. Mondal, S. Bhattacharya, S. K. Saha.

             J. Appl. Phys., 2019, 126, 034901.

      121. Anomalous large negative magneto resistance in transition metal decorated graphene: evidence for electron-hole                    puddles

              C. Majumder, S. Bhattacharya, S. K. Saha.

              Phys. Rev. B 2019, 99, 045408

      120.  A green luminescent MoS2–CdTe hybrid nanostructure synthesized through surface charge interaction

               D. Haldar, S. Bose, A. Ghosh, S. K. Saha

               Nanoscale Adv., 2019, 1, 1853–1863

      119.  Epichlorohydrin functionalized graphene oxide for superior Li+ ion conduction and super capacitor application

               P. Hota, M. Miah, A. Gupta, D. Chakravorty, S. K. Saha

               Mater. Chem. Phys, 2019, 223, 447-455



         118. Nickel-Doped Silver Sulfide: An Efficient Air-Stable Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution from Neutral Water

         P. Hota, S. Bose , D. Dinda, P. Das, U. K. Ghorai, S. Bag, S. Mondal, S. K. Saha.

         ACS Omega, 2018, 3, 17070–17076

117.  Dual emissive CQD-Tb nanocomposite as fluorescent indicator for highly selective visual   detection of Hg(II) in               water

          T. K. Mondal, U. K. Ghorai, S. K. Saha

          ACS Omega, 2018, 3, 11439–11446

116.  Na+ ion migration on the surface of reduced graphene oxide

         M. Banerjee, D. Chakravorty and S. K. Saha

         J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 2018, 51, 325301

115. Observation of induced Ferromagnetism and Metal-insulator transition in silver decorated   MoS2

         S. Bag, S. Bhattacharya, D. Dinda, M. V. Jyothirmai, R. Thapa and S. K. Saha

         Phys Rev B, 2018, 98, 014109

114.  Giant Dielectric Permittivity in Interrupted Silver Nanowires Grown within Mesoporous Silica"

          A Maity, S Samanta, S Chatterjee, R Maiti, D Biswas, S K Saha, D Chakravorty

          J Phys D: Appl Phys (Accepted for publication)

113. Defect induced photoluminescence in MoS2 quantum dots and effect of Eu3+/Tb3+ co-doping towards efficient                white light emission

                  D. Haldar, A. Ghosh, S. Bose, S. Mondal, U. K. Ghorai,  S. K. Saha

                  Optical Materials 2018, 79, 12-20

112. Photo-induced conductivity in 2, 6-diaminopyridine functionalized graphene oxide containing Eu2+ for                            optoelectronic applications

                   S. Mondal, A. Gupta, B. K. Shaw, S. K. Saha

                   Optical Materials 2017, 73, 555-562

111. Temperature dependent supercapacitive performance in La2O3 nano sheet decorated reduce graphene oxide

                  M. Miah, S. Bhattacharya, D. Dinda, S. K. Saha

                  Electrochemical Acta 2018, 260, 449-458

         110.  Nitrogen, sulphur co-doped graphene quantum dot: An excellent sensor for nitroexplosives

                  T. K. Mondal, D. Dinda, S. K. Saha

                  Sensors and Actuators B:  Chemical 2018, 257, 586–593

109.  Synthesis of multilayered structure of nano dimensional silica glass/reduced graphene oxide for advanced                     electrochemical applications

                   A. Ghosh, M. Miah, C. Majumder, S. Bag, D. Chakravorty and S. K. Saha

                   Nanoscale, 2018, 10, 5539

108. Pure white light emission from a rare earth-free intrinsic metal organic framework and its application in a WLED

                   T. Mondal, S. Mondal, S. Bose, D. Sengupta, U. K. Ghorai and S. K. Saha

                   J. Mater. Chem. C, 2018, 6, 614-621

107. Synthesis of lithium superionic conductor by growth of a nano glass within mesoporous   silica SBA-15 template

                 S. Chatterjee, M. Miah, S. K. Saha, D. Chakravorty

                Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2018, 51, 135301.


106. Observation of ferromagnetic ordering in a stable α-Co (OH)2 phase grown on a MoS2 surface

         Anup Debnath, Shatabda Bhattacharya, and Shyamal K. Saha

                  Physical Review B 2017, 96, 214433

         105. Design of 2D Ferromagnets with High Exchange Bias in Fe-MoS2 Heterostructure for  Spintronic Applications

                Shatabda Bhattacharya and Shyamal K. Saha

                Macromol. Symp. 2017, 376, 1600183

        104. Ferromagnetism in graphene due to charge transfer from atomic Co to graphene

                P. Hota, A. J. Akhtar, S. Bhattacharya, M. Miah, and S. K. Saha;

                Appl. Phys. Lett. 2017, 111, 04240

        103.  NiO Nanoparticle Synthesis Using a Triblock Copolymer: Enhanced Magnetization and

                High Specific Capacitance of Electrodes Prepared from the Powder

               S. Chatterjee, R. Maiti, M. Miah, S. K. Saha, and D. Chakravorty;

               ACS Omega 2017, 2, 283−289

      102.  Antiferro-ferromagnetic transition in ultrathin Ni (OH)2 layer grown on graphene surface and observation of                               interlayer exchange coupling in Ni (OH)2/graphene/Ni (OH)2 nanostructures;

  S. Bhattacharya, E. M. Kumar, R. Thapa and S. K. Saha

   Appl. Phys. Lett. 2017, 110, 032404


        101. Origin of high storage capacity in N-doped graphene quantum dots

                M. Miah, S. Bhattacharya, A. Gupta, S. K. Saha

                Electrochimica acta 2016, 222, 709

       100. Amorphous molybdenum sulfide quantum dots: an efficient hydrogen evolution  electrocatalyst in neutral medium

               D. Dinda, Md. E. Ahmed, S. Mandal, B. Mondal and S. K. Saha

               J. Mater. Chem. A 2016, 4, 15486-15493

        99. Highly luminescent N-doped carbon quantum dots from lemon juice with porphyrin-like structures surrounded by                      graphitic network for sensing applications

              T. K. Mondal, A. Gupta, B. K. Shaw, S. Mondal, U. K. Ghorai and S. K. Saha

               RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 59927-59934

         98. Mononuclear manganese (III) complexes of bidentate NO donor Schiff base ligands: synthesis, structural                                 characterization, magnetic and catecholase studies

               A. Dutta, S. Biswas, M. Dolai, B. K. Shaw, A. Mondal, S. K. Saha and M. Ali

              RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 23855-23864

        97. Unique trapping of paddlewheel copper(II) carboxylate by ligand-bound {Cu2} fragments for [Cu6] assembly

              K. Chattopadhyay, B. K. Shaw, S. K. Saha and D. Ray

              Dalton Trans., 2016, 45, 6928-6938

       96. Field-induced ferromagnetism due to magneto-striction in 1-D helical chains

              B. K. Shaw, M. Das, A. Bhattacharyya, B. N. Ghosh, S. Roy, P. Mandal, K. Rissanen, S.  

             Chattopadhyay and S. K. Saha

             RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 22980-22988

       95. High selectivity in water soluble MoS2 quantum dots for sensing nitro explosives

             D. Haldar, D. Dinda and S. K. Saha

             J. Mater. Chem. C, 2016, 4, 6321-6326

       94. Tunable Color in 2,6-Diaminopyridine-Functionalized Graphene Oxide

             S. Mondal, D. Dinda, B. K. Shaw, and S. K. Saha

             J. Phys. Chem. C, 2016, 120 (20), 11085–11091

       93.  Piezomagnetic behaviour in α-Fe 2 O 3 nanofilms grown within nanochannels of Na-4 mica

             R. Maiti, S. Chatterjee, S.K. Saha, M. K. Mitra, D. Chakravorty

             Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2016, 402, 64-68

       92. Large magnetodielectric effect in composites of Fe2O3• SiO2 nanoglass and mesoporous silica

             S. Chatterjee, R. Maiti, S.K. Saha, D. Chakravorty

             J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 2016, 49, 255001-1-8

       91. Realization of two-dimensional ferromagnetism with giant coercivity in ultrathin β- Ni(OH)2 layers grown on a MoS2                surface

             S. Bhattacharya, D. Dinda, B. K. Shaw, S. Dutta, and S. K. Saha

             Physical Review B, 2016, 93, 184403

      90. Synthesis of NiO nanoparticles by a Simple Chemical Method

            Soumi Chatterjee, Ramaprasad Maiti, Shyamal Kumar Saha, Dipankar Chakravorty

             60th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium 2015 (will be published in AIP Conference Proceedings)

      89. Fast Ion Conduction in Nanodimensional Lithium Silicate Glasses

             S Chatterjee, R Maiti, S. K Saha, D Chakravorty

             J. Phys. Chem. C, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b10883


      88. Strain-induced tunable band gap and morphology-dependent photocurrent in RGO-CdS nanostructures.

             Supriya Mondal, Suparna Sadhu, Shatabda Bhattacharya and Shyamal K. Saha.

             J.Phys. chem.C., 2015,119, 27749.

       87. Piezomagnetic behaviour in α-Fe2O3 nanofilms grown within nanochannels of Na-4mica

              R. Maiti, S. Chatterjee, S.K. Saha, M. kumar Mitra, D. Chakravorty

              Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2015, 402, 64.

       86. Enhancement of electrical conductivity in CoO-SiO2 nanoglasses and large magnetodielectric effect in ZnO-                             nanoglass composites

              S. Chatterjee, R Maiti, S.K. Saha, D. Chakravorty

              Journal of Applied Physics, 2015,117 (17), 174303.

       85. Charge Transport in Polypyrrole Nanotubes.

              Dipanwita Majumdar; Shyamal Kumar Saha.

             Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2015,15,9975.

       84. An unusual magnetic response in a p-stacked 66 - dia net structure of [4 + 2] copper(II) Cubane

             Mithun Das, Bikash Kumar Shaw, Biswa Nath Ghosh, Kari Rissanen, Shyamal K. Saha and Shouvik Chattopadhyay

             RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 46869.

     83. Anomalous enhancement in the magnetoconductance of graphene/CoFe2 O4 composite due to spin–orbit coupling

            Shatabda Bhattacharya, Ramaprasad Maiti, Moni Baskey Sen, Shyamal Kumar Saha and Dipankar Chakravorty

            J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 2015, 48, 435002

     82. Thymine Functionalized Graphene Oxide for Fluorescence “Turn-off-on” Sensing of  Hg2+ and I–in Aqueous Medium. 

             Diptiman Dinda, Bikash Kumar Shaw, and Shyamal Kumar Saha.

             ACS applied materials & interfaces. 2015,27, 14743-14749.

     81.  Effect of spin–orbit coupling on spin transport at graphene/transition metal interface

            Sumit Mandal, Abu Jahid Akhtar, Bikash Kumar Shaw and Shyamal K. Saha, 

              Phys. Status Solidi: Rapid Res. Lett.  2015, 9, 544-549.

     80. Sulfuric  acid  doped  poly  diaminopyridine/graphene  composite  to remove  high  concentration  of  toxic  Cr(VI)                     Diptiman Dinda and Shyamal K Saha;

           Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2015, 291, 93.

     79. Role of trap states on storage capacity in a graphene/MoO3 2D electrode material

           Shatabda Bhattacharya, Diptiman Dinda and Shyamal K Saha;

           J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 2015, 48, 145303.

     78. Induced spin polarization effect in graphene by ferromagnetic nanocontact 

           Sumit Mandal and Shyamal K. Saha;

           J. Appl. Phys, 2015, 117, 093910.

     77. 1-aza-15-crown-5 functionalized graphene oxide for 2-dimensional graphene based Li+ ion conductor.

            Moutusi Banerjee, Abhisek Gupta, Shyamal K. Saha, Dipankar Chakravorty;

            Small, 2015, 11, 3451

     76. Asymmetric bis-(μ-1, 1-azido) bridged dinuclear copper (II) complex with N2O donor Schiff base: Synthesis, structure               and magnetic study

            M.  Das, B. K. Shaw, B. N. Ghosh, K. Rissanen, S. K. Saha, S.  Chattopadhyay;

            Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 2015, 68, 1361.

     75. Mononuclear manganese (III) complexes of bidentate NO donor Schiff base ligands: synthesis, structural                                 characterization, magnetic and catecholase studies,

A.  Dutta, S.  Biswas, M. Dolai, B. K. Shaw, A. Mondal, S. K.  Saha, M. Ali;

            RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 30.

     74. Trap induced tunable unusual dielectric properties in transition metal doped reduced graphene oxide.

            Abu Jahid Akhtar, Abhisek Gupta, and Shyamal K. Saha;

             RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 9594.


       73. Photoluminescence study in diaminobenzene functionalized graphene oxide

            Abhisek Gupta and Shyamal K Saha;

            AIP Conference Proceedings, 2014, 10, 1620.

       72. Photoluminescence Study in Azo-pyridine functionalized Graphene oxide

             Abhisek Gupta, BikashKumar Shaw and Shyamal K Saha;

             ICEMP-2014, 369-372.

        71. Bright Green Photoluminescence in Aminoazobenzene Functionalized Graphene Oxide  Abhisek Gupta, Bikash                       Kumar Shaw and  Shyamal K Saha; 

            J. Phys. Chem. C, 2014, 118, (13), 6972.

       70.Highly Selective Detection of Trinitrophenol by Luminescent Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide through FRET               Mechanism .

             Diptiman Dinda, Abhisek Gupta, Bikash Kumar Shaw, Suparna Sadhu, and S. K. Saha;

             ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2014, 6 (13), 10722.

       69. Charge-transport and Magneto-dielectric Study in Chelated Metal Complex for Multiferroic Applications

             Bikash K Shaw and Shyamal K Saha;

       68. Facile synthesis of bright luminescent N-doped graphene quantum dot

              Diptiman Dinda, Abhisek Gupta and Shymal K Saha;

              Technology Letters, 2014, Vol.1, No.5, 18-21

        67.Superparamagnetic Behaviour in Reduced Graphene Oxide-Cobalt Oxide Composite

              Abu Jahid Akhtar and Shyamal K Saha,

        66. Photoluminescence study of optically active diaminopyridine intercalated graphene oxide.

              Abhisek Gupta, BikashKumar Shaw and Shyamal K Saha;

              RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 50542.

       65. Anomalous magnetic behavior at the graphene/Co interface.

             Sumit Mandal and Shyamal K. Saha ;

             Appl. Phys. Lett., 2014, 105, 022402.

      64. Field-Induced Ferromagnetism and Multiferroic Behavior in End-on Pseudohalide-Bridged Dinuclear Copper (II)                       Complexes with Tridentate Schiff Base Blocking Ligands.

            Inorg. Chem., 2014, 53 (16), 8723.

      63. Frequency dependent magneto-transport in charge transfer Co (II) complex

           B.K .Shaw and S.K. Saha;

            Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2014, 365,138.

      62. Superior magnetic, dielectric, and magnetodielectric effects in graphene/ZnCo2O4 nanocomposites

            Moni Baskey, Ramaprasad Maiti, Shyamal K Saha, and Dipankar Chakravorty;

            Journal of Appl. Phys, 2014, 115, 094306.


        61. Unusual dielectric response in cobalt doped reduced graphene oxide

                Abu J. Akhtar, Abhisek Gupta, Bikash K. Shaw, and Shyamal K. Saha;

                Appl. Phys. Lett. 2013,103, 242902.

       60. A demonstration of half-metallicity in graphene using Mn3O4 nanosheet

            Sumit Mandal, Moni Baskey, Shyamal K. Saha;

            Carbon, 2013, 61, 254.

     59. Antiferro quadrupolar ordering in Fe intercalated few layers graphene

           Abu Jahid Akhtar, Abhisek Gupta, Dipankar Chakravorty, and Shyamal K. Saha;

           AIP Advances, (2013), 3, 072124.

     58. Removal of toxic Cr(VI) by UV-active functionalized graphene oxide for water purification

            DiptimanDinda, Abhisek Gupta and Shyamal K. Saha 

            J. Mater. Chem. A, 2013, 1, 11221.

      57. In-situ growth of P3HT/grapheme composites  for  supercapacitor  application

            Abhishek Gupta, Abu Jahid Akhtar and Shyamal K Saha, 

            Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2013, 140, 616.


      56. Emerging Photoluminescence in azo-pyridine intercalated graphene oxide layers.

             Abhisek Gupta and Shyamal K. Saha;

             Nanoscale, 2012, 4, 6562.

       55. Giant Magnetoresistance and Magneto-dielectric effects in charge transfer metal complex for Multiferroic                                     Applications.                                             
               Bikash Kumar Shaw  and Shyamal K. Saha ;
              J. Phys. Chem. C, 2012, 116 (39), 20700-20707

         54. One Ferromagnetic and Two Antiferromagnetic Dinuclear Nickel(II) Complexes Derived from a Tridentate N,N,O-                      Donor Schiff Base Ligand: A Density Functional Study of Magnetic Coupling

   Rituparna Biswas, Sanjib Giri, Shyamal K. Saha, and Ashutosh Ghosh;

   Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2012, 2916.

        53. Surfactant-assisted Hydrothermal synthesis of ferromagnetic CdS nanotips: optical and magnetic properties

  B. Mondal and S. K. Saha;

               J. Nanoparticle Research, 2012, 14, 1049

         52. Ni/graphene/Ni nanostructures for spintronic applications

  Sumit Mondal, Shyamal K. Saha,

  Nanoscale, 2012, 4, 986.

         51.  A Graphite-like zero gap semiconductor with inter layer separation 2.8Å

                Moni Baskey and Shyamal K Saha;

                 Adv. Mater. 2012, 24, 1589.


          50.  Structure and magnetic properties of tetranuclear Cu(II) complex containing the 2-(pyridine-2-yliminomethyl)-                            phenol ligand

     Sanjib Giri, Saptarshi Biswas, Michael G.B. Drew, Ashutosh Ghosh and S. K Saha; Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2011, 368       (1), 152.

            48.  Magnetic Property of a Triply Bridged Linear Trinuclear Nickel Complex

                   Sanjib Giri, Rituparna Biswas, Ashutosh Ghosh, Shyamal K Saha

            47. A new tetranuclear copper(II) complex with oximate bridges: Structure, magnetic properties and DFT study

                   Sanjib Giri, Debdulal Maity, Jeffrey F Godsell, Saibal Roy, Michael G.B. Drew, Ashutosh Ghosh, Gurucharan                             Mukhopadhyay and Shyamal K Saha;

                   Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2011, 99,377 (1),

            46. Epitaxial Growth of Crystalline Polyaniline on Reduced Graphene Oxide

                 D. Majumdar, M. Baskey and S. K. Saha;

                  Macromolecular Rapid Communication, 2011, 32, 1277.

            45. Room temperature spontaneous magnetization in a coordination π-π framework

                 S. Giri and S. K. Saha;

                 J Phys. Chem Lett. 2011, 2, 1567.

           44. Hydrothermal synthesis of silver nanoshells: Formation and Plasmon Hybridization

                 B. Mondal, S.K. Saha;

                 J. Mater. Sc.,2011, 46, 5153.

           43. Single/Multi tips for Magnetic Force Microscope without additional magnetic coating

                 S. K. Saha and B Mondal (applied for Indian patent)


          42. Superparamagnetic-to-diamagnetic transition in hydroxy bridged trinuclear copper complex nanorods;SanjibGiri                         and Shyamal K Saha;

                J. Phys. Chem. C, 2010, 114, 11723.

         41. Graphene Quantum Sheets: A New Material for Spintronic Applications

                S. K. Saha, M. Baskey and D. Majumdar;

               Adv. Mater.  2010, 22, 5531.

        40. Fabrication of SERS substrate using nanoporous anodic alumina template decorated by silvernanoparticles
              B. Mondal and S. K. Saha;

              Chem. Phys. Lett.  2010, 497, 89.

       39. Observation of ferroelectric response in conjugated polymer nanotubes

D. Majumdar and S. K. Saha;

             Appl Phys Lett, 2010, 96, 183113.

      38. Poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanotubes with superior electronic and optical properties

             D. Majumdar and S. K. Saha;

             Chem Phys Lett, 2010, 489, 219.

       37. Synthesis of single crystalline micron-sized rectangular silver bar

             B. Mondal, D.Majumdar and S. K. Saha;

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  1. Ph.D. from Jadavpur University, Calcutta in 1994

                 Thesis entitled "CONDUCTIVITY RELAXATION STUDIES IN MELT-QUENCHED AND SOL-GEL                                              DERIVED GLASSES

        2. National Eligibility Test in 1988 (CSIR)

        3. M.Sc. in Physics obtained first class from Calcutta University, Specialisation in Solid State Physics.

           (Period August 1985-July 1987).

        4. B.Sc. obtained first Class from Calcutta University. Major: Physics, Minor: Chemistry and Mathematics.

            (Period July 1982-June1985).


  • Recipient of “Materials Research Society of India” Medal, 2014,
  • Fellow, West Bengal Academy of Science & Technology
  • Awarded Senior JSPS (short- term) Invitational Fellowship
  • Visited Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Tokyo, Tohoku University, NIMS Tsukuba, Osaka University in the “DST-JSPS special lecture tour program” March 2017

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