Prof. Jon Binner is a Professor,University of Birmingham,United Kingdom

Prof. Jon Binner


Organizing Committee Member

United Kingdom

University of Birmingham


Jon Binner has been active in ceramics processing research since 1981 and published approximately 230 reviewed papers, as well as editing or contributing to 19 books and holds 7 patents with an 8th recently filed. His H-index is 32. He has been successful in attracting 136 research grants totalling ~£17.1M, many from the UK Research Councils, DTI/TSB/Innovate UK and EU, as well as UK and overseas industry. This includes a current portfolio in excess of £2M.

He has worked closely with industry to translate key developments, e.g. through the creation of a spin out company to develop a ceramic sensor for measuring soil matric potential (1991), or via licensing, e.g. manufacturing routes for producing engineering ceramic foams (1995) and nanostructured ceramics (2012).

He has supervised 35 PhD students and 2 MPhil students to successful completion and 39 postdoctoral researchers. A further 7 PhD students and 5 postdoctoral researchers are currently being supervised with 3 PhD students and 2 postdoctoral researchers in the process of being appointed. His research has received both national and international recognition; he has given ~67 keynote, plenary and invited talks at international conferences and won a number of prizes.


The focus of my research is the generation of both the necessary scientific understanding and the required engineering solutions for the design and development of materials and process routes that display technical and/or economic advantages over existing approaches. The range of products worked on ranges from nanostructured to traditional ceramics, interpenetrating composites to ultra-high temperature ceramic matrix composites.

  • Ceramic matrix composites – including ultra-high temperature CMCs, SiCf-SiC CMCs and oxide-oxide CMCs
  • Nanostructured ceramics
  • Electroceramics for energy harvesting


  • Chartered Engineer (since 1990)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (since 2000)
  • Fellow of the European Ceramic Society (since 2013 – the first year Fellowships were awarded)
  • Fellow of the American Ceramic Society (since 2011) 
  • Fellow of the Association of Microwave Processing in Europe for Research & Education (since 2017, one of only five worldwide over the 26 years AMPERE has existed)
  • Pfiel Award, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, 2017
  • MBDA Innovation Award, 2016
  • Verulam Medal and Prize, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, 2011
  • Ivor Jenkins Medal, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, 2007
  • Holliday Prize, Institute of Materials, 1995


Has collaborated with many individuals and organisations across Europe and the rest of the world over his 35 year academic career


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