Prof. Hui Tong Chua  is a Professor and Head,The University of Western Australia,Australia

Prof. Hui Tong Chua

Professor and Head

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(All degrees from the Mechanical Engineering Department, National University of Singapore)

Ph.D – 1999                            M.Eng – 1995                         B.Eng (First Class Honors) 1993


  • Near emission-free catalytic cracking of methane into hydrogen and graphitic carbon
  • High flux bright light driven chemical reactions
  • Geothermal/low grade heat desalination and air conditioning


  • Bachelor of Technology Engineering Educator Award 2001/2002, National University of Singapore
  • 2002/2003 University-level Excellent Teachers Listing – ranked among the top 6.3%, National University of Singapore
  • 2003/2004 Honours-list certificate for dedication to teaching, National University of Singapore
  • 2006 2nd Runner Up of the Western Australia Inventor of the Year Award (Research Organisation Category); awarded for methane to hydrogen technology
  • 2010 Commendation Award for Teaching Excellence (Individual Teaching) by the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, The University of Western Australia
  • 2010 Award for Teaching Excellence (Individual Teaching) by the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, The University of Western Australia
  • 2010 A*STAR-ATSE Emerging Research Leaders Exchange Program participant, 2011 A*STAR-ATSE “Next Step Program”: Making Collaboration Happen funding recipient
  • 2011 Shanxi Government Distinguished Expert under the Shanxi (China) Hundred Man Program
  • 2013 Joint winner with Trevor Powell of Impacts Buildings Pty. Ltd. in the “Backyard Category” of The Australian Innovation Challenge for “Solar Desalination”.
  • 2017 Best Reviewer Award for NEVVE2017
  • 2017 Top Ten ARC Assessors from UWA
  • 2019 UWA Innovation Fellow
  • 2019 AIRAH Excellence in HVAC&R Research – DevelopmentWA, Awarded to the Cool Earth Project, The Vive, Craigie


Section Editor

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Editorial Board Member

The Open Thermodynamics Journal, Chemical Engineering (CE, Academic Research Publishing House), Journal of Chemistry and Applied Chemical Engineering

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Member Sustainable Water Developments:  Resources, Management, Treatment, Efficiency and Reuse, ed. Jochen Bundschuh, CRC Press, (Nov. 2015 -)

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