Prof. Athir M. Haddad is a Professor,University of Basrah,Iraq

Prof. Athir M. Haddad


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1. Synthesis and Characterisation of fluorescent pyrene end capped polylactide fibres 
Aula Alwattar, Athir Haddad, Quan Zhou, Tatiana Nascimento, Ryan Greenhalgh, Eliton Medeiros, Jonny Blaker, Adam Parry, Peter Quayle, Stephen Yeates, Polym Int 2019; 68: 360– 368 

2.  Preparation of Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels and Study Their Controlled Release of Gabapentin 
 Zaid A A, Athir M H., Drug Des Int Prop Int J 1(2)- 2018. DDIPIJ.MS.ID.000108.  

3. Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Poly(Poss Lactide-B- N-Hydroxyethyl Acrylamide) Nanostar-Shape Block Copolymers  
Hadi S. Al-Lami, Baqer A. Al-Mayyahi, Athir M. Haddad,  J Polym Sci Appl 2017, 1:3 

4 . Preparation and release study of Biodegradable L-lactide IPN’s Insulin Delivery   Athir M. Haddad, Zainab J. Sweah and Hadi, S. Al-Lami, Polymer Science,vol.3,No.1:4, 2017.  

5. Preparation of Nano Triblock Copolymer for Desferoxiamine Delivery and Cross Linked Copolymer for Iron Overload Disease   
Isra′a Q. Falih, Iqbal J.Al-Asadi and Athir M.Haddad, Polymer Science,vol.3,No.1:5, 2017. 

6. Characterization and thermal stability of nano eight arm copolymers synthesized by atom transfer radical polymerization    
Athir M. Haddad, Hadi S. Al-Lami, Karbala International Journal of Modern Science 3 (2017) 83 – 92. 

7. Preparation and Swelling Behavior of L-Lactide Interpenetrating Networks     
Zainab J. Sweah, Hadi S. Al-Lami, Athir M. Haddad, Open Journal of Organic Polymer Materials, 2016, 6, 119-133.  

8. Synthesis, characterization and thermal properties of the nano four arms poly(pentaerythritollactide-b-N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) derivatives      
Baqer Al-Mayyahi, Hadi Al-Lami and Athir Haddad, European Journal of Chemistry 7 (4) (2016) 405-409.  

9. Synthesis, Characterization of Nano Four Arms Poly (Lactide-b-N-hydroxy ethyl acrylamide) via ATRP  
Baqer A Al-Mayahi, Hadi S Al-Lami, and Athir M Haddad,  RJPBCS 6(6) ,  1269, 2015. 

10. Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Behavior of Four Arms Poly(L-lactide) via Ring Opening Polymerization 
Baqer A. Al-Mayahi Athir M. Haddad Hadi S. Al-Lami, J.Chemistry and Materials Research, Vol.7 No.9, 2015. 

11. In Vitro Release Studies of Insulin in Hydrogels Polymers as Oral Drug Delivery Systems,  
Eman.A.Al-tamemi1 , Aula A. Al-Wattar1 , Auday S. Al-sawad2 ,Iqbal J. Al-asadi 1and Athir M.Haddad1, Iraqi J . of Polymers Vol.17 , No.1, 50-65 , 2014. 

12.   Hydrolytic degradation of POSS-PEG-lactide hybrid hydrogels  David Wang, Peter M. Fredericks, Athir Haddad, David J.T. Hill, Firas Rasoul, Andrew K. Whittaker , Polymer Degradation and Stability 96 (2011) 123-130. 

13. The inhibition effects of dimethylol-5-methyl hydantoin and its derivatives on carbon steel alloy 
 Hadi Z.M. Al-Sawaad, Alaa S.K. Al-Mubarak, Athir M. Haddad , J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 1 (4) (2010) 227-238. 

14. Biodegradable PHEMA Crosslinked with Pluronic-L-Lactide Block Copolymers 
 Athir Haddad, Imelda Ken, David Wang, Firas Rasoul, Andrew K. Whittaker, Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol 15, No.2, 156-173, 2010. 

15. Bioassay of Karate and Match Insecticides Delivered on the Polyelectrolyte in Beet Army Worm Spodoptera exigua Hubn  
 Bassim H.A.AL-Asadi , Ala'a S.Gabbar and Athir M.Haddad , paper accepted in Basrah J. of Sci. 2009. 

16. Controlled released and antifungal biological activity from linear and crosslinked polyelectrolyte  
  Aula A.Jum,ah , Iman A. Al-tamimi, Furdos  N. Jafar  , Athir M.Haddad    and Ali H. Almowali , Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol 13, No.2, 13-26, 2009. 

17. Structural and functional characterization of Superoxide Dismutase upon polymer hydrogel inclusion  A.M. Haddad, M. Spina, M. Cuccioloni, F. Marmocchi, M. Angeletti , Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol 13, No.2, 37-58, 2009. 

18. Controlled release of antifungal Miconazole nitrate from crosslinked poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogel 
 Eman.A.Al-tamemi, Inaam.Al-rubayea, Athir.M.Haddad, Ali.H.Al-mowali, Iraqi J. Polymers,  Vol.12, No.1, 17-28 , 2008

19. Invitro release behaviour of Insulin in the IPN hydrogels as oral drug delivery  
 Akram A. Aladdai,  Dawood S. Ali , Athir M. Haddad , Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol.12, No.4, 27-38 , 2008. 

20. Preparation, Characterization of some new amino resin and Their copolymers as pH sensitive Hydrogel Hadi Z. Al -Sawaad, Ala'a S.Al-Mubarek and Athir M.Haddad , Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol.12, No.3, 11-26 , 2008. 

21. Modification of polymeric materials for water treatment  
 Mustafa K. Jodah, Ali T. Al-Samaraie, Athir M. Haddad, Abbas F. Abbas, Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol.11 , No.2 ,43-55 ,  (2007). 

22. Preparation of new NPK Polymeric Slow- Release Fertilizers 
 Athir M.Haddad, ,Abdel-Jabbar Ch. Hassen, Mohammed M. Yasseen , Iraqi J. Polymers , vol.11 , No.1 , 97-106 , (2007 ) .

23. Preparation and evaluation of new hydrogels as new fertilizer delivery system,  
Mohammed A. Abd, Athir M. Haddad, Abdel-Jabbar Ch. Hassen, Salah M.Sultan   , Basrah J. of Science, C, vol.24 (1), 103-114, (2006).

24. Preparation of some new copolymers and IPN hydrogels for water storage 
 Athir M. Haddad, Basrah J. of Science, C, vol.24 (1), 68-83, (2006).  

25. Synthesis and evaluation of new hydrogel IPNs consisting equilibrium fertilizer and polyelectrolyte 
Oras A.Al-Ebadi , Athir M.Haddad  and Gorgius A. Adam , Iraqi J. Polymers , Iraqi J. Polymers , vol.10 , No.1 ,  45 – 60 , ( 2006 ) .

26. In vitro evaluation controlled release study for Metforminhydrochloride polymeric hydrogel matrixes 
 E.M.Al-Zubaidi, D.S.Ali, A.M.Haddad, Basrah J. of Science, C, vol.23   No.1, 116-127 (2005).   

27. The application of hydrogel polymers for desalination of water 
Athir M. Haddad , Maha A. Ali , Nawres M. Ahmed and Georgius A. Adam , Iraqi J. Polymers ,vol.8,No.1 , 39-46 ,  ( 2004 ). 

28. Preparation and study of some polymeric blend as soil stabilizer 
 Athir M. Haddad, Salah M. Sultan and Abdul-Jabbar Ch.Hassan , Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol. 8, No. 1, 107-114 (2004). 29 . The effect of Salts on the Swelling behaviour of some Copolymeric Hydrogel Foams 
 A.M.Haddad, A.A. Juma and G.A.Adam, Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol.6, No. 1, 75-82(2002). 

30. Preparation and study of some new Copolymers and IPNs from Acrylamide and Vinylic Monomers as Hydrogel Polymers 
 A.M.Haddad, Iraqi J. Polymers, Vol. 6, No. 1, 9-18(2002). 

31. Frequency and temperature effect on dielectric properties of CopperPhthalocyanine (CuPc), 
W.A.Abdul-Ghafor, H.F.Hussien, A.M.Haddad, Basrah J. of Science, A, Vol. 19, No.1, 49-58(2001). 

32. Hopping Conduction Mechanism in 4, 4- Diaminodiphenylsulphone Terminated Poly (P- amino benzaldehyde) [PPAB-DDS] Films 
W.A.Abdul-Ghafor, H.F.Hussien, A.M.Haddad and G.A.Adam, Basrah J. of Science, C, Vol. 18, No. 2,131-144(2000). 

33. Electrical properties of Carbon black filled Benzidine terminated poly (P- amino benzaldehyde) Films 
H.F.Hussien, W.A.Abdul-Ghafor and A.M.Haddad, Iraqi J.Polymers, Vol.4, No. 1, 59-68 (2000). 

34. Synthesis, Characterisation and Evaluation of some New Amino Resin as Hardeners for Epoxy Resin 
 A.M. Haddad, G.A.Adam, Basrah J. of Science, C, Vol. 18, No. 1- 8(2000). 

35. The D.C. Electrical properties of Benzidine Terminated poly (p- amino benzaldoxime) Thin Films 
 W.A.Abdul-Ghafor, A.M.Haddad ,Basrah J. of Science, C, Vol. 15 No. 1, 129-137(1997). 

36. Preparation and study of reological properties of new poly ester with poly vinyl chloride 
Athir M.Haddad. Education research J. , 15, 1997 


PhD  1998-  2002  Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Basrah, Iraq, Preparation and study of some new polymeric: Hydrogels, Soil conditioners and Slow- Release Fertilizers. Supervisors: Prof. Gorgius A. Adam.
M.Sc. 1991-1994  Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Basrah, Iraq, synthesis, characterization and study of some new amino resin as epoxy hardeners. Supervisor: Prof. Prof. Gorgius A. Adam. 
BSc.  1985-1989 BSc in Chemistry Awarded from the Department of Chemistry, University of Basrah, Iraq. 



Synthesis: Synthetic polymer chemistry, tailoring polymers for specific purposes such as hydrogel polymers as sensing materials, Nano fibers, polymer drug delivery, polymeric soil stabilizers and slow release fertilizers.  

Analysis: Fluorescence and UV-visible spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, elemental analysis, GPC and Thermal analysis.

Polymer chemistry: Free-radical and Preparation of polymers via ROP, ATRP, RAFT and Click Chemistry.


  • Research fellowship at University of Camerino/Italy, 2006.
  • Endeavour research fellowship in Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology AIBN, University of Queensland/Australia / (2008-2009).
  • ISFP award in Department of Material Science and Engineering / University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA (2011).
  • Professor visitor/School of Chemistry, University of Manchester, 2014 till now. 


  • Member of Technical Program Committee (International Symposium on Advances in Materials Science (IAMS 2016), China.
  • Member of Organizing Committee ( World Conference on materials science and engineering (WMSE 2016)South of Korea.
  • Member of the technical program committee in the second annual international conference on Advanced Material Research and Application (AMRA 2017) , Wuhan, China .
  • Member of the technical program committee in the 4th Annual International Workshop on Materials Science and Engineering (IWMSE 2018) , Xi’an, China.
  • Member of the organizing committee in the 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION ON MATERIALS & ENGINEERING, San Diego, USA .
  • Member of the organizing committee in the 4th International Conference on Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry, July 11-12, 2019, Las Vegas, USA.
  • Member in editorial board for Iraqi Journal of Polymers 2005.
  • Editorial secretary for Iraqi Journal of Polymers 2006 till now.
  • Member in editorial board for American Journal of Polymer Science and Technology(AJPST)2018-2020.
  • Membership in Iraqi Polymer Society.  Membership in American Chemical Society (ACS).
  • Membership in Controlled Release Society (CRS).
  • Membership in Bioenvironmental Polymer Society (BEPS). 

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