Dr. Uche K. Onwukwe is a Trainee Scientific Officer   ,Brunel University London,UK

Dr. Uche K. Onwukwe

Trainee Scientific Officer

Organizing Committee


Brunel University London


I am a skilled material scientist with a diverse portfolio of experiences in the use of different analytical techniques and the subsequent interpretation of their data. My passion lies in the development of various functional nanomaterials and the varied synthetic routes to accomplish this. I have always thrived in an environment where collaboration, team work and a drive for innovation are the order of the day


  • Brunel University - 2014- 2019 PhD in Materials science    

My research centred on the biomimetic synthesis of nanoparticles (silica, titania, substituted hydroxyapatite etc.). Using a green manufacturing route, in combination with various biological concepts to produce and control the morphology of various substrates. These materials were tested for their adsorption capability, photocatalytic potential, bioactivity, biological interaction in term of pollution and their drug uptake and delivery potential.  

I have acquired many experiences during my doctorate degree, some of which are: 

1. Working within the nanoparticle synthesis group gave me a vast opportunity for collaborations. I had to always be aware of what my colleagues were up to, while they were kept abreast of my contributions to ensure that we were always up to date with the latest outcomes and findings and so forth. 

2. Engaging in a variety of group endeavours, I had to learn to be competent with my work to produce the best possible research project. Keeping to a tight schedule, to maximise the amount of relevant result obtained within a reasonable period of time.  This taught me to be able to self-motivate myself and plan in such a manner to work around any potential delays in my schedule.

3. Utilising different sort of equipment and instruments, both in their usage and in the analysis of their output afterwards to extract the pertinent information.  
Queen Mary, University of London. - 2011- 2012  MSc in Material Research and Engineering (Merit)    Modules taken include: Advanced materials characterisation technique, Advanced structureproperty relationship in materials, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine, Renewable energy etc.  I carried out a research project on thermoelectricity using nano-sized bismuth telluride and a polymer. I averaged a grade of above 70% in my overall result.  

  • Queen Mary, University of London. 2008- 2011 BEng in Dental Materials (First Class Honours)    


Modules taken include: Metals, Polymers, Failure of Solids, Structural Characterisation, Surfaces and Interfaces, Material Selection and Design, Manufacturing processes etc.  

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