Dr. Shrok Allami  is a Metallurgical engineer and Chief Researcher,Ministry of Science and Technology ,Iraq

Dr. Shrok Allami

Metallurgical engineer and Chief Researcher

Organizing Committee


Ministry of Science and Technology


Metallurgical engineer with 35 years’ experience researching and management. Leading research teams in materials, the nano-materials field for hydrogen fuel, evolution, storage, and cell applications. Experience in structural analysis using advance techniques, like SEM, XPS, XRD. Experience in the electrochemical analysis. Experience in the design and manuf-acture of our research systems, including furnaces, plasma systems, water splitting electrolyzes with their applications and hydrogen storage systems. Reviewer for many journals.


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  • 2016 Shrok Allami,et al “Detection of Cd+2, Heavy Element, In Water Via Gold Nanoparticles Using Colorimetric and   Electric Changes, IR patent no. 4528,5/4/2016.
  • 2017 Shrok S Allami et al, “Design and Manufacturing of Lab. Solid State HydrogenStorage Tank” IR patent no.4914, 26/4/2017.



  • University of Technology,  PhD in Metallurgical Engineering-Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate Graduated February 2007
  • 1978- 1982 05- University of Technology, Iraq, Baghdad, BSc. in production  and Metallurgical Engineering
  • 1986- 1988university of technology, Baghdad, Iraq, M.Sc in metallurgical engineering.Study the micro-structures of the deformed- Mg alloy and their effects on some mechanical and corrosion properties
  • 2002 - 2006 university of technology, Baghdad, Iraq,  Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineering, "Diffusion Bonding Of Alumina to Inconel 600Using Cu Inter-layer"


  • Shield of creativity from the AL- Bassel Fair for Invention and Innovation, 2019
  • The bronze medal from the AL- Bassel Fair for Invention and Innovation, 2019


  • Member of the Administrative Board of the Iraqi Nanotechnology Society 


  • Editorial Board in American Journal of Nano Research and Applications
  • since 2017 reviewer in international journal of hydrogen energy
  • Reviewer in The International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC)

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