Dr. Lorna Anguilano is a Quality Manager and Research Fellow II,Brunel University London,UK

Dr. Lorna Anguilano

Quality Manager and Research Fellow II

Organizing Committee


Brunel University London


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2012                PhD Archaeology, University College London

2003                MSc Sciences applied to Cultural Heritage, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Milano

2001                MSc Mineralogy, Petrography, Geochemistry and Mining Geology, Dipartimento di Mineralogia,                                  Università di Milano

1998                BSc Geology, Dipartimento di Geologia, Università di Milano


My research activity is focussed on:

  • Development and characterisation of novel recycled metal matrix and polymer composites for offshore energy application, automotive and aerospace applications;
  • Development of technologies for sourcing secondary raw materials and novel mining resources;
  • Identification and characterisation of asbestos minerals in clays and talcs;
  • Characterisation of archaeometallurgical remains and artefacts.


2019             Heathrow Airport direct sponsorship “Oasis” £80000

2017             European Regional Development Fund “Forensic Decommissioning for Tidal Energy Converters”                              £30000

2017             Innovate UK ICURe scheme “Basaltium the new frontier of composites” £30000

2017             Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Fund: “Basalt fibres reinforced HDPE” £260000

2016             Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Fund: “STORM: Specialised thimbles for offshore renewable marine                           energy” £299500

2016             Research Catalyst Fund – VISA award: “Miners, culture and environment” £3900

2016             Directed Assembly Network: Pump-priming/Feasibility Study Award Application: “A new family of                             Ce-Ti based extra-large pore zeolites, for NOx reduction at low temperatures” £14718

2016             Knowledge Transfer Leave 2016/2017: “Evaluation of Impact of large developments on historical                             landscape”. Part time secondment at Cadw June 2016/December 2017 and £15000

2016             Research Development fund: “Phyto-Mining of Nano metals from areas of metal enrichment” £5000

2016             Research Catalyst Fund – IDEA award: “Novel recycled Aluminium metal matrix composite for high                          value applications: characterise to optimise” £4140

2015             Research Seminar Series Awards 2015-16

                      “Seminar Series: Deep sea technologies: needs, barriers and solutions” £2740

2014             Research Development Fund: “Novel Production Process for Basalt Fibres and design of Metal                               Matrix Composites” £3500

2013             Research Development Fund: “Development of methodological approach of characterisation of Ni/Ti                      SMAs in pulsed electrical regime through in situ X-Ray Diffraction analyses for biomedical and other                         industrial applications” £3500

2012             Research Development Fund: “Where are the coins? The identification of the mint of Rome in the                           Early Middle Ages (VI century AD)” £3500


  • Consultation services for industrial and academic clients: evaluating the customer needs, from designing the experiments, sample preparation to reporting.
  • Negotiation of contracts for consultancies services
  • Specialties include:
    • Material characterisation for development, materials include: metals, polymers, layered material with polymer film or DLC, shape memory alloys.
    • Material failures diagnostics (metals and plastic materials). Utilising X-rays analyses and microscopic techniques.
  • Characterisation techniques used for consultancies include: Scanning electron Microscope (Zeiss Supra V35, X-Ray Diffraction Bruker D8 Advance, X-Ray Fluorescence Oxford 2000, Transmission Electron Microscope Jeol 2100, Fourier Transform Infra-Red Perkin Elmer Spectrum one spectrometer, HP / Agilent 8453 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, Renishaw InVia confocal raman microscope and Kore SurfaceSeer Time of Flight – Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer.


2019                Reviewer board of “Minerals”

2017                Editor of “The Crucible” Newsletter

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