Dr. Jung C. Lee is a Associate Professor,Milwaukee School of Engineering,USA

Dr. Jung C. Lee

Associate Professor

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Milwaukee School of Engineering


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  • 2004–2007 - Postdoc, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, The University of Texas at Austin, TX  
  • 1998–2003 - Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry and Bioinformatics, The University of Texas at Austin, TX  
  • 1989–1991 - M.S., Computational Chemistry, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea  
  • 1985–1989- B.S., Chemistry, Kyung Hee University at Seoul, Korea


  • 1999–2000  William Orr Dingwall Scholarship, William Orr Dingwall Foundation  
  • 1999  Johnson & Johnson Endowed Graduate Scholarship, College of Pharmacy, The University of  Texas at Austin
  •  1989‐1991  Korean Government National Honors Fellowship, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and  Technology  
  • 1989  Graduation Cum Laude, Kyung Hee University at Seoul  

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