Dr. Fei Yao is a Assistant Professor,University at Buffalo,USA

Dr. Fei Yao

Assistant Professor

Organizing Committee


University at Buffalo


Five most closely related to the proposed research

1. F. Yao, F. Gunes, H. Q. Ta, S. M. Lee, S. J. Chae, K. Y. Sheem, C. S. Cojocaru, S. Xie, and Y. H. Lee, “Diffusion mechanism of lithium ion through basal plane of CVD-grown layered graphene”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134, no. 20, 8646 (2012). 2. T. H. Ly, D. L. Duong, Q. H. Ta, F. Yao, Q. A. Vu, H. Y. Jeong, S. H. Chae, and Y. H. Lee, “Nondestructive characterization of graphene defects”, Adv. Func. Mater. 23, no. 41, 5183 (2013).

3. T. H. Ly, M.Chiu, M.Li. J. Zhao, D. J. Perello, S. H. Chae, H. Yun. Jeong, F. Yao, and Y. H. Lee, “Observing Grain Boundaries in CVD-Grown Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides”, ACS Nano 8, 11401 (2014).

4. H. Arezki, M. Boutchich, D. Alamarguy, A. Madouri, J. Alvarez, P. Cabarrocas, J. Kleider, F. Yao and Y. H. Lee, “Electronic properties of embedded graphene: doped amorphous silicon/CVD graphene heterostructures”, J. of Phys.: Condensed Matter. vol. 28 (40), 404001 (2016).

5. S. Adhikari, D. Perello, C. Biswas, A. Ghosh, N. Van Luan, J. Park, F. Yao,  and Y. H. Lee, “Determining the Fermi level by absorption quenching of monolayer graphene by charge transfer doping”, Nanoscale 8, no. 44, 18710 (2016). 
Five other significant products

1. F. Yao, S. C. Lim, W. J. Yu, I. H. Lee, F. Gunes, H. R. Hwang, S. B. Yang, K. P. So, G. H. Han, and Y. H. Lee, “AC response to gas exposure in vertically aligned multiwalled carbon nanotube electrode”, J. Phys. Chem. C 114, no. 8, 3659 (2010).

2. F. Yao, D. L. Duong, S. C. Lim, S. B. Yang, H. R. Hwang, W. J. Yu, I. H. Lee, F. Gunes, and Y. H. Lee, “Humidity-assisted selective reactivity between NO2 and SO2 gas on carbon nanotubes”, J. Mat. Chem. 21, no. 12, 4502 (2011).

3. H. T. Nguyen, F. Yao, M. R. Zamfir, C. Biswas, K. P. So, Y. H. Lee, S. M. Kim, S. N. Cha, J. M. Kim, and D. Pribat, “Highly interconnected Si nanowires for improved stability Li-ion battery anodes”, Adv. Energy Mater. 1, no. 6, 1154 (2011).

4. F. Yao, B. Li, K. P. So, J. Chang, T. H. Ly, A. Q. Vu, H. N. Mun, C. S. Cojocaru, H. Y. Yue, S. S. Xie and Y. H. Lee, “Silicon and carbon nanofiber composite as an anode material for lithium ion battery”,  Carbon 79, 563 (2014).

5. F. Yao, D. T. Pham and Y. H. Lee, “Carbon-based materials for lithium ion batteries, electrochemical capacitors and their hybrid devices”, ChemSusChem 8, no. 14, 2284 (2015)


  • Shandong Normal University-China-Engineering-BS, 2007 
  • Sungkyunkwan University-Korea-Nano Science -MS, 2010 
  • Sungkyunkwan University-Korea-Energy-Dual PhD, 2013 
  • Ecole Polytechnique-France -Physics-Dual PhD, 2013 
  • Sungkyunkwan University-Korea-Energy-Postdoc, 2014 
  • University of Notre Dame- USA -Energy-Postdoc, 2016


  • Awardee of Renewables Optimization and Energy Storage Innovation program, NYSERDA (2019)
  • New York State Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics program (2018 and 2019)
  • Innovative Micro-Programs Accelerating Collaboration in Themes (2018)
  • Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotics Technology Community of Excellence (2017). 

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