Chapal  Kumar  Das is a Professor,IIT Kharagpur,India

Chapal Kumar Das


Organizing Committee


IIT Kharagpur


Research Papers Published:

  1. M.C. Adhikary, M.H. Priyadarsini, S.K.Rath, C.K. Das : 3D porous NiMoO4 nanoflakes arrays for advanced supercapacitor electrodes, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 19,314, 1-8, September 2017, Springer .
  2. M.C.Adhikary, MH. Priyadarsini, C.K. Das : “TiO2 coated MWCNT decorated by Fe3O4 nanoparticle as electrode material for Supercapacitor Application” , International Journal of Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and communication, Vol-5, No-4 , April 2017 , p.43-46, ISSN: 2321-8169.
  3. M.C.Adhikary, M.H.Priyadarsini, S.K.Rath and C.K.Das : “High performance supercapacitor electrode based on reduce Graphene oxide/Ni(OH)2nanocopmosite”, Global journal of engineering science and researches.ISSN 2348-8034, Vol. 3, No. 6, June 2016.
  4. B. Prusty, M.C. Adhikary and C. K. Das: Supercapacitor Electrode Material Based on NickelVanadium Oxide, American Chemical Science Journal, 6(2): 91-95, 2015, Article no.ACSj.2015.040ISSN:2249-0205, Sciencedomen international.

Research Papers Delivered inConferences:

  1. C. K. Das, M. H. Priyadarsini, S. K. Rath andM. C. Adhikary: “Effects of mixing sequence on the fibrillation of LCP in LCP/Nylon blends in presence of modified MWCNT” 4th International Conference : Kathmandu Symposia on Advanced materials-2018 ( KaSAM-2018), 26-29 October 2018 ,  Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. C. K. Das, M. C. Adhikary, S. Friedrich, and M. Gehde: “Effects of Vibration welding process parameters on the weld ability of the thermoplastics”, PPS Europe Africa Conference-2017, 26-29 June 2017, Dresden, Germany.
  3. M. C. Adhikary, S. K. Rath, M. H. Priyadarshini, C. K. Das: “Effect of mixing sequence on the fibrillation of thermo tropic liquid crystalline polymer in the blend system in presence of grapheme”,
  4. C.K. Das : “Transition Metal Compound containing Hybrid Nanocomposites for Supercapacitor Applications” , 3rd International Conference : Kathmandu Symposia on Advanced materials-2016 ( KaSAM-2016), 17-20 October 2016 ,  Pokhara, Nepal
  5. M. C. Adhikary, M. H. Priyadarsini, S. K. Rath and C. K. Das : “Effects ofNanofillers on the compatibilisation of incompatible polymer blends- Development of flexible Nanocomposites”,
  6. B. Prusty, M.C. Adhikary and C.K. Das: “Nickel Vanadium Oxide used as Supercapacitor Electrode Material”, International Conference ICMAMN-2016, 25-27 November 2016, F.M. University, Balasore, Odisha.
  7. A. Mandal and C.K. Das: “SWCNTs / CoFe2O4 / Conducting polymer Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Wave absorbing applications”, International Conference ICMAMN-2016, 25-27 November 2016, F.M. University, Balasore, Odisha.


Current Research- Polymer Blends and Alloys, High-Performance Composites based on LCP, Self-Reinforcing Elastomers, Nano-polymer Composites, De-vulcanization of Scrap Tyres, Direct Fluorination of Plastics, Composites for Aerospace Applications, Development of Silicone Membrane for Defence Applications, LCP based Binary and Ternary Blends, Flexible Composites from engineering composites for defense applications, Short Kevlar fiber composites based on thermoplastics, carbon nanotube-polymer composites, Elastomer Nanocomposites, Modification of Nanofillers.


(a)        Joint winner of Dunlop Award for best research in Rubber - 1981

(b)        Silver Medal for 1st class 1st in M. Sc. in 1971


Conference Organized:

  1. As Co-Convener, on behalf of APAB Dept.,organized an International Conference on Role of Microscopy and Allied Techniques in the Development of Multifunctional and Nanomaterials (ICMAMN-2016) during 25-27 November 2016 in 03 parallel technical sessions at new campus of F.M. University, Balasore, Odisha, funded by DST, DRDO, UGC .The Inaugural function was presided by our Vice Chancellor Prof. S.P. Adhikary in the presence of Foreign delegates &scientists like Prof.Goerg H. Michler, Martin-Luther University, Germany; Prof.Bo G.Liedberg, NTU, Singapore; ProfM.P. Anisimov, Russia ; ProfPeter F.W. Simon, Germany; Prof NabanitaSaha, Czech Republic; Prof RameswarAdhikari, TrivubanUniversity,Nepal; Dr. Bharati Gupta, Queensland University, Australia; Dr. R. Pandit, Nepal; Dr. A.K. Khan, NTU, Singapore in addition to Indian Scientists like Prof.Ajit Kumar Mohanty, Director, SINP, Kolkata and about 200 delegates.
  2. Professional Activities:
  3. 1. Member of International Advisory Board of the Journal - Macromolecular Research,
  4. South Korea.

    2. Member of International Advisory Board of Polymer Express, Germany.

    3. Reviewer of the Journal- Journal of Applied Polymer Science, USA.

    4. Reviewer of the Journal- Rubber Chemistry and Technology, USA.

    5. Reviewer of the Journal- Polymer, UK.

    6. Reviewer of the Journal-Polymer Materials an international journal.

    7. Reviewer of the Journal- CSTE,

    8. Reviewer of the Journal- CES,

    9. Reviewer of the Journal- Niscair, India.

    10. Project Reviewer of DRDO, New Delhi.

    11. Project Reviewer of Council of Science and Technology, UP

    12. Reviewer of the Journal- RLMS, Egypt

    13. Reviewer of the Journal- MSEB,

    14. Reviewer of the Journal- JPOL,

    15. Reviewer of the Journal- TCA

    16. Reviewer of the Journal- Nano Trends

    17. Reviewer of the Journal- CARBPOL

    18. Reviewer of the Journal- JNN

    19. Reviewer of the Journal- Nanoscale

    20. Reviewer of the Journal- JALCOM

    21. Reviewer of the Journal- SYNMET

    22. Reviewer of the Journal- Electrochimicaacta

    23. Reviewer of the Journal- RSC Advances

    24. Reviewer of the Journal- Composites A

    25. Reviewer of the Journal- Polymer composites

    26. Reviewer of the Journal- Materials science and engineering

    27. Reviewer of the Journal- MAGMA

    28. Reviewer of the Journal- JSEL

    29. Reviewer of the Journal- Ceramics International

    30. Reviewer of the Journal- ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

    31. Editor for the journal - Advances in Materials Science and Engineering.

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